Toddlers Room

ElmTreeNews Child Care Ormeau, Toddlers Room

In our Toddler Room, our qualified educators are passionate in providing the best quality care through a nurturing and respectful approach.

Our Educators will ensure the environment is welcoming, and collaborate with families forming secure and respectful partnerships to gain knowledge on their backgrounds and values, and ensure each child’s individual needs are met, creating a sense of belonging for all.

While being in our service, each child has the opportunity to form relationships with educators and other children through stimulating experiences that will encourage their social confidence and interactions as they play with and alongside others.

Our educational program is guided by each child’s interests and is flexible, inclusive and invites children to explore and learn in a fun and safe environment and discover themselves and how they contribute to their world.


Our Goals 

Children have the opportunity to engage in indoor and outdoor learning experiences that will encourage them to gain competence in control of their bodies, and participate in active exploration with all the senses.

We have a program where we utilise spontaneous teachable moments from the children’s play and ideas, thoughts and understandings, interests and strengths to further extend their learning opportunities.

Children are natural learners and have the right to feel safe and secure, whilst they investigate and explore their surroundings, so as to make meaning of it in a way that is unique to them.

Our Focus

We provide a natural environment that fosters children’s creativity and encourages children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore and learn.

Our Educators provide experiences and moments for children to engage and participate in one on one interactions, small and large groups.

The environment is designed to support children’s health and physical well being.

They have opportunities to engage in experience that will encourage their fine and gross motor movements.