ElmTreeNews Child Care Ormeau, Learning & Development, Technology

Elm Tree Early Learning Ormeau offers a state-of-the-art play and learning
environment. We have a wide range of equipment and age-appropriate educational
resources, including digital media within our classrooms. However, only media and
equipment that is developmentally appropriate is used.

Furthermore, our childcare service makes use of technology in the classroom to
expand, enrich and individualise the overall curriculum only when it will facilitate a
better learning experience for the children.

With such an emphasis being moved towards STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics) in society as a whole, we believe is it important for
the children to have real life, hands on experiences and opportunities to explore
these concepts and areas in ways that allow them to make sense and
understandings that are meaningful to them.

STEM experiences prepare children for the future, where real life applications of these concepts are present everywhere,
and becoming more important in our ever-changing and rapidly paced world.