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We at Elm Tree Early Learning believe play is the foundation for all learning. Play is
the way in which children can explore, investigate, experiment, interact and engage
in their environments and the world around them, and begin to make rich and
meaningful connections and understandings that are individual and unique to them.

Play is important to the children’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive and
communication development, but also to their overall sense of well-being.

The Elm Tree Early Learning Play Program provides opportunities for children to
learn as they create social groups, test out ideas, challenge each other’s thinking
and build new understandings. By children having the opportunity to engage in both
planned and spontaneous play experiences throughout their day, their sense of well-
being and belonging within their learning community is nourished and enriched.

Our educators will give priority to facilitating children’s play through our curriculum
decision making and providing our children and families with beautiful, engaging play
spaces filled with expressions of the value we place on childhood.

They will also help children to learn about their responsibilities to others, to
appreciate their connectedness and interdependence as learners, and to
value collaboration and teamwork.