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At Elm Tree Early Learning, our focus is on providing our families and children with
an experience that is warm, welcoming and positive. Our hope is that our centre is a
place where our children, and families, feel comfortable, happy and contented – a
true extension of home.

We believe that building relationships that are respectful and based upon open, two-
way communication is extremely important to providing the highest quality of care for
the children. Once you have chosen to enrol with us, we encourage and invite you
to come along to the centre and spend time with us in the rooms, to ensure a
smooth and comfortable transition for your child. You will be able to see our
programs in action, ask questions and exchange information with our educators, to
ensure that we are getting to know you and your child, and how best to meet their
care needs.

We have an Open Door Policy, and actively support and encourage family input,
involvement and participation in our program and activities, as well our centre
community as a whole.