Elm Tree Early Learning Nursery Room

Nursery Room

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Nursery-Room-Ormeau-Elm-Tree-Early-Learning-2Our Nursery Room is inviting, respectful and homely environment for all children and families in our care. We understand the importance of each child is provided with nurturing, loving and heartfelt care where qualified educators will celebrate and provide high quality inclusive education for each individual child’s interests, learning and development.

Nursery-Room-Ormeau-Elm-Tree-Early-Learning-1We endeavour to collaborate and work in partnership with parents and their families; working alongside each child’s home routine, embedding the family’s diverse cultural background and their values into the life of the centre. We hope that this will strengthen and empower children to make connections between home and centre.

Children will have a sense of belonging, knowing they have a place within the Nursery Room environment. All children in the Nursery Room will be empowered to develop knowledgeable and confident self-identities as they learn, grow and develop into their individual personalities.

Our Goals

Nursery-Room-Ormeau-Elm-Tree-Early-Learning-5Relationships are formed with mutual trust, respect and understanding. Children will develop positive attachments with familiar educators to ensure continuity of care by forming trusting relationships, engaging in authentic one on one responsive and reciprocal communicative interactions. Children will be able to engage in social interactions with one another forming familiar relationships as they explore and play. Our Educators and environment has a strong philosophy of Respect for each other, the children, their families and the world we live in.

Children are empowered and trusted to be an initiators, explorers and are self-learners who are curious, independent and capable as explore their world that surrounds them.

Our Focus

Nursery-Room-Ormeau-Elm-Tree-Early-Learning-4Children’s emotional well-being is paramount, as we understand these early foundation years have a direct effect on their overall development and the person they become. Educators will be attentive, positive, respectful and responsive to children’s ongoing and ever changing needs alongside their learning development. Educators will actively share the learning with parents and their families.

Nursery-Room-Ormeau-Elm-Tree-Early-Learning-3The environment is safe, secure with a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.We understand and allow free movement for children to develop at their own pace and time as they grow and develop individually as they engage in a physically environment. Children’s learning environment will be supported through, purposeful and engaging experiences as they develop their interests and refine their acquired skills and knowledge.

Children will experience spontaneous and emergent curriculum which fosters their belonging, being and becoming. Children will experience music and movement, open-ended resources and are cognitively challenging. Educators will encourage indoor and outdoor play in a safe and secure environment where children can explore and investigate through a play based program.

Children will have sensory experiences that support their interests and on-going learning.