National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework (NQF) was established to create a jointly governed uniform national approach to the regulation and quality assessment of education and care services in Australia, and replaces all pre-existing, separate and individual State and Territory licensing and quality assurance processes that were in place.

The NQF applies to most long day care, family day care, outside school hours and preschools in Australia from 1 January 2012. The National Quality Framework is made up of the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations, the National Quality Standards (NQS), the rating and assessment processes in place to evaluate centres against these standards, and the nationally recognised curriculum and learning frameworks, such as “Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

At Elm Tree Early Learning, we pride ourselves on our strong commitment towards implementing and honouring the National Quality Framework to provide high quality care, education, opportunities and experiences for our families and children. The National Quality Framework documents outline our regulatory requirements, and cover all aspects of the service from educational programs, staffing ratios and staff qualification levels, right through to health and hygiene requirements, documents, forms and information we are required to hold for each child and family, policies and procedures we must have in place and all other operational needs.

At Elm Tree Early Learning, our professional and dedicated Educators ensure that these are adhered to at all times.