Discover the Elm Tree Early Learning Experience for Your Child

What your child will learn

Understanding the importance of the year leading up to school, Elm Tree Early Learning has carefully developed an all-encompassing Kindergarten and Preschool Program that ensures a smooth transition to formal education for children.

This crucial stage in a young child’s life is when they gain essential skills and build the confidence required to embark on their school journey. Our program is specifically designed to nurture these vital attributes, empowering children with the self-confidence needed for this momentous transition.

Emphasising Social-Emotional Learning

At Elm Tree Early Learning, we prioritise social-emotional learning, assisting children in comprehending and managing relationships. This encompasses working efficiently in small and large groups, while promoting self-awareness and collaboration. Our program fosters sharing, empathy, and consideration, vital aspects of forming long-lasting friendships.

Fostering Language and Literacy

We are committed to nurturing a passion for language and literacy in children at Elm Tree Early Learning. Our educators use storytelling and word games to improve language skills, enhancing narrative understanding, vocabulary expansion, and word identification. We involve children in crafting their own stories, boosting their communication abilities and self-assurance.

Making Mathematics Fun

Our curriculum incorporates an enjoyable, hands-on approach to mathematics. We help children grasp concepts of time, dates, money, and measurements by using numbers in practical situations. Activities include classifying items by size, colour, shape, pattern recognition, as well as engaging them with puzzles and counting games.

Exploring Science and Technology

Elm Tree Early Learning encourages children to discover the world around them through fun games and captivating activities. From cultivating gardens to caring for animals or understanding how different objects function—their curiosity is met with respect for the environment.

Engaging in Socio-Dramatic Play, Dance & Music

Through shared imaginary scenarios featuring props and dressing-up elements—we spark creativity while nurturing social abilities. Children immerse themselves in rhythm, beat, tone, and pitch, strengthening spatial awareness. Furthermore, they gain insight into their own and other cultures through the mediums of music and dance, promoting inclusivity and respect.

Creative Arts, Design & Construction

We motivate children to express their thoughts and emotions using painting, drawing, collage, and clay—exploring two and three-dimensional forms. Additionally, we focus on refining fine motor skills through the use of three-dimensional materials.

Encouraging Physically Active Play

Physical play is a core component of our program. Activities such as climbing, running, jumping, and skipping help children develop gross motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, and focus. This active engagement fosters wellbeing while enhancing cognitive development.

Elm Tree Early Learning acknowledges the vital role that early learning plays in a child’s life. Our specialised Kindergarten and Preschool Program aims to prepare your child for the subsequent phase of their educational journey—equipping them with the skills and self-belief needed for success. Allow us to collaborate with you to nurture your child’s growth and development—laying a strong foundation for their lifelong learning adventure.

Program Features

Expert Educators at Elm Tree

The Elm Tree Early Learning Academy offers a top-notch Kindergarten and Preschool curriculum, led by dedicated, university-trained teachers. These educators are committed to ensuring exceptional learning outcomes for children, adopting a tailored approach based on each child’s unique needs and interests.

Preparing for ‘Big School’

The Kindergarten and Preschool Program at Elm Tree Early Learning equips children with essential language, literacy, numeracy, creativity, and independence skills. This comprehensive preparation ensures students confidently transition to elementary school. By partnering with local schools, Elm Tree’s curriculum is meticulously designed to support a seamless transition for every child.

Program Features

Building School Readiness

Our centre includes various initiatives designed to enhance school readiness, such as field trips to nearby schools and libraries, as well as “lunch box” days aimed at fostering independence in students.

Research-Driven Curriculum

Elm Tree Early Learning offers a research-backed curriculum that adheres to the national Early Years Learning Framework. Our program encourages children to learn through child-led exploration, small-group instruction from educators, and brief large-group sessions. All this takes place in an interactive, engaging environment where the child’s experience is the primary focus.

Engaging Play-Based Learning

At Elm Tree Early Learning, we recognise that enjoyable, child-centred play is key to fostering a love of learning. Playtime not only reveals a child’s thought processes and understanding, but also enables educators to identify opportunities for planned activities that expand learning horizons. Play environments promote exploration, discovery, negotiation, risk-taking, problem-solving – vital foundations for developing literacy, numeracy, and social skills. Our learning spaces provide ample opportunities for both unstructured play and guided learning encounters.

Flexible Scheduling Options

While our Kindergarten and Preschool Program generally runs between 9 am and 3 pm, we also offer extended care hours to accommodate your family’s schedule better.