The Kindergarten years mark an important milestone in a child’s life. Throughout your child’s Kindergarten year, you will see tremendous growth and development. Children will have opportunities to explore, discover, create, imagine, research and interact with peers and Educators in a social context. Through this they will gain confidence in their own strengths and abilities and see themselves as a competent and capable learner.

Our Kindergarten program is developed in accordance with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and is delivered by a Bachelor qualified teacher. Teachers and Educators guide children by designing learning environments which develop essential skills, that enable children to work and play cooperatively. Children will have opportunities to explore and discover the world around them through active participation in guided learning and free play. A key element in the Kindergarten Program is to work alongside parents and families, to share knowledge and information about the child. Knowledge of a child’s strengths and interest and a families aspiration for their child will support the Educators to develop an individual program for each child.

Our Goals

“Throughout the Kindergarten Year, children’s right to experience the joy of childhood is fundamental and learning is promoted through play, and emergent and planned learning experiences and interactions.” Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, 2010 Teachers and Educators plan experiences to build knowledge, skills and dispositions
described in five key learning and development areas.

  1. Identity
  2. Connectedness
  3. Well Being
  4. Active Learning
  5. Communicating

Our Focus

As children are engaged in a rich Kindergarten program they are building knowledge, skills and dispositions that will prepare for the next step in their Education. As they move towards their Prep year, feeling confident and secure socially and emotionally is very important. Therefore this is a key focus in our program. Through developing caring, trusting relationships with Teachers, children feel safe to communicate and contribute their ideas and knowledge. This supports them as they move on to their Prep year as they build confidence in themselves and their own
abilities. Managing daily routines, becoming independent in tasks such as taking caring of their own belongings, contributing their ideas in group learning experiences, and being encouraged to persevere with challenging tasks are all key skills that will support a child in their transition to school. Our Kindergarten program will provide children with opportunities to talk and share
ideas, share stories and books, be immersed in engaging emergent literacy and numeracy experiences, all within in a play based context. By providing a meaningful context for literacy and numeracy, children will see that language and numbers have a function and a purpose and be able to use this skills and knowledge in a meaningful way. Our Kindergarten service will make links with local schools, and offer children opportunities to be part of our wider local school community. This will support a smooth transition to school